Humble-bundle for devops

26.07.2023 - AYB - Reading time ~1 Minute


Oreily’s Humble-Budle pack for DevOps guys

If you’re thinking about intensifying your career, you’ll defiinitely will find something useful among these books.

Full list:
* Consul: Up and Running
* Modern System Administration
* 97 Things Every Information Security Professional Should Know
* Reliable Machine Learning
* Security and Microservice Architecture on AWS
* Implementing Service Level Objectives
* SRE with Java Microservices
* Kubeflow Operations Guide
* Design Patterns for Cloud Native Applications
* Migrating to AWS: A Manager’s Guide 1st Edition
* Learning Helm
* Dynamic Reteaming, 2nd Edition
* Learning Dapr
* Distributed Tracing in Practice
* Database Reliability Engineering

Get it here: