IV: Deploy kafka (RedPanda actually) to our k3d cluster

24.02.2021 - AYB - Reading time ~1 Minute

Deploying “Kafka”

RedPanda Logo >Actually, we’re going to deploy RedPanda which is a “kafka-compatible” messaging solution. Lighter, faster, cheaper than Apache/Confluent Kafka.

Adding RedPanda to our Helm collection.

helm repo add redpanda https://charts.vectorized.io/
helm repo update
export VERSION=$(curl -s https://api.github.com/repos/redpanda-data/redpanda/releases/latest | jq -r .tag_name)

Deploy Cert-manager: >Cert-manager is required to have our RedPanda woking over the secured connection which is a mandatory in the wild-open environments.

helm repo add jetstack https://charts.jetstack.io && \
helm repo update && \
helm install cert-manager jetstack/cert-manager --namespace cert-manager --create-namespace --set installCRDs=true

Cert-manager deployment may take a while on a slow connections

Deploying CRDs for RedPanda:

kubectl apply \
-k https://github.com/redpanda-data/redpanda/src/go/k8s/config/crd?ref=$VERSION

Install the RedPanda operator:

helm install redpanda-operator redpanda/redpanda-operator --namespace redpanda-system --create-namespace --version $VERSION

Deploy RedPanda:

kubectl create ns panda-ns &&\
kubectl apply -n panda-ns -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/redpanda-data/redpanda/dev/src/go/k8s/config/samples/one_node_cluster.yaml

This will be a single-node cluster for local development

Now Panda is available from the inside at one-node-cluster-0:9092

To test it manually go here

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