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Humble-bundle for devops

26.07.2023 - AYB

New book bundle released for DevOps guys. Check out the list.

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The hiring process for high-tech is completely screwed. Here’s why and how I fixed it for me and my team

22.12.2022 - AYB

Many years ago I had to hire a helping hand for myself for a first time. This was a very painfull, almost killing process. And I fixed it for the every next time. This article explains how.

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IV: Deploy kafka (RedPanda actually) to our k3d cluster

24.02.2021 - AYB

Actual kubernetes-native apps often communicate not directly, but by sending messages to each other. The most common messaging apps for them are RabbitMQ, Redis (despite it’s actually a caching thing) and Kafka. In this case we’ll deploy a lighter Kafka alternative — Red Panda — which is much simpler in deployment, wa-ay less resource-greedy, but fully compatible with the original Kafka protocol.

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III: Building kubernetes home lab with k3d — Service mesh and Postgres

02.02.2021 - AYB

Writing kubernetes-native apps often requires inter-service communications and the best way to do that is to use the Service Mesh which helps services to discover each other and communicate. Also there could be need a database to store processed data and as an example we’ll deploy a k8s-native Postgres.

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II: Building kubernetes home lab with k3d — Monitoring

22.01.2021 - AYB

The second part of the “Kubernetes home lab with k3d” series. This part is all about monitoring using Grafana-Prometheus-Loki stack

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I: Building kubernetes home lab with k3d — Cluster deployment

07.12.2020 - AYB

Kubernetes spread is so wide these days so any programmer/DevOps pretending to be a “modern one” shall have a hands-on experience with it at least at a scale of the home lab. So this topic is exactly about building one.

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Legal announcement for physical media communication protocol

12.03.2020 - AYB

Please be advised that the following communication protocol must be read and strictly followed by all individuals and entities.

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Seamlessy dump, encrypt and compress your database to the cloud

07.07.2019 - AYB

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Extending Kubernetes

19.05.2019 - AYB

This keynote is in Russian, sry. Расширяем и дополняем Kubernetes / Андрей Половов, Иван Михейкин (Флант)

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18.05.2019 - AYB

After a long-long time passed, finally, this site is going for resurrection. :) Since the last post I’ve moved from Russia to Israel, learning almost new profession and made my life a lot easier overall. So, I decided to use that space to copy-paste usefull topics that respond my current interests. So here would appear various things related to DevOps methology and instruments, cycling, motorcycling, aviation and and other things I’d fell in love with.

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Provider-less one-time password for linux servers

29.07.2018 - AYB

SSH There are some cases when you have to setup a somewhat hardened security but keep content shared and exclude dependencies form any third parties

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26.02.2018 - AYB

Here is starts. I’ve decided to drop all of my older records, since there is nothing left there neither interesting nor actual.

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