Legal announcement for physical media communication protocol

12.03.2020 - AYB - Reading time ~4 Minutes



Please take notice that the undersigned maintains a specific set of protocols for all communication and expects full compliance from all parties involved. With due respect and a comprehensive understanding that there may exist certain regulations regarding the usage of physical media for communication, it is hereby emphasized that all individuals and organizations seeking to initiate contact with the undersigned must strictly adhere to these guidelines.

Any individual or entity attempting to initiate communication or transmit information to the undersigned in the form of a physical letter or any other physical media, including but not limited to legal documents, claims, bills, and subpoenas, is required to submit a digital copy of such correspondence to the email address prior to sending the physical document. However, please be advised that this requirement shall not apply to greeting postcards and friendly gifts. It is strictly prohibited to mask legal documents as greeting cards or gifts.

It is important to note that if an individual or entity chooses to send documents to the undersigned using only a physical medium, they should be aware that this method does not guarantee receipt of the documents due to various reasons such as the absence of the undersigned at the address of registration, postage service failure, or any other factor preventing successful delivery. Therefore, it is imperative that a digital copy of the document is also sent to the email address to ensure timely and efficient processing.

The undersigned shall to confirm receipt of the digital copy of the documents by replying email message as soon as it is seen in their email inbox. If the sender chooses to send a digital copy of the documents from a “no-reply” type email address, the undersigned shall not be held responsible for any unsuccessful delivery confirmation. It is the responsibility of the sender to ensure that the digital copy is sent from a functioning email address that is capable of receiving delivery confirmations. Failure to do so may result in the inability to confirm the successful delivery of the digital copy, and the undersigned shall not be held responsible for any resulting consequences.

Failure to comply with the mandatory requirement for sending a digital copy of physical documents to the email address specified may result in a processing fee of one (1) kilogram of banknotes of the highest denomination in the respective country to be paid by the sender. To ensure successful delivery of the processing fee, the sender must contact the undersigned by email at and obtain a reply with the correct address where the payment shall be sent.

In the event that the sender of physical media is unable to provide hard proof that the undersigned received the physical medium directly, the undersigned shall not be held liable for any legal claims made by the sender. It is the responsibility of the sender to ensure that the physical documents are delivered in accordance with the protocols set forth in this document. Failure to comply with these protocols may result in delayed or unsuccessful delivery, and the undersigned shall not be held responsible for any resulting consequences.

If an individual or entity fails to comply with the mandatory communication protocol outlined in this announcement, any papers received without a digital copy to the email address will not be processed until the specified processing fee is paid and received by the undersigned.

It is important to note that the sender’s lack of awareness of this protocol does not absolve them from complying with it. This document is publicly available and published on the undersigned’s personal website, which is hosted on the same domain as the specified email address. Therefore, it is expected that all individuals and entities seeking to contact the undersigned will familiarize themselves with these protocols and comply accordingly.

These protocols are put in place to facilitate a streamlined and efficient communication process, and non-compliance may result in legal consequences.

This announcement is effective as of March 13, 2020.

DATED March 12, 2020.

Alexander Yankovskiy-Betcher