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Alexander Yankovskiy-Betcher

DevOps Engineer / Team-Lead

I am a highly skilled IT professional with 20+ years of job experience with a proven record of successful projects up to hundreds of servers running a lot of fairly complicated services that meet the most strict SLA requirements. I love to build and maintain high-availability rock-solid systems that support successful businesses.

I am looking for an interesting remote-only job, close to «one-man-orchestra», solo or in a small team of professionals to share my knowledge and to learn from. Part-time occupation is negotiable.

Work Experience

DevOps Team-lead

Agritask | 2019 - 2023

As a leading engineer, I worked alongside another specialist to successfully implement the most up-to-date development and delivery techniques within the company.

  • Literally zero “Code Red” incidents for almost 4 years.
  • The most convenient and transparent development pipeline for the product delivery including build tests, test environment sandboxing, staging etc.
  • Maximum achievable level of automation of everything that was going to repeat at least three times.
  • Extensive monitoring for all the stuff deployed with focus on problem prevention rather than reacting to incidents.

DevOps engineer

Innovid | 2018 - 2019

Working on improvements of the monitoring system in terms of coverage, visibility, right metrics collection and interpretation

  • Extensive monitoring of the AWS security-related parts with proper alerting
  • Increased overall usability of the monitoring tools and dashboards.
  • Gained some memorable achievements with web using Hyena


Speaking Mind | 2013 - 2017

The «Speaking Mind» project was founded as a mobile application startup. This app is intended to free the user’s eyes and hands to other tasks while listening to personal news feeds, including social feeds.

  • I was performing CEO and IT functions but failed marketing tasks and proper customer development processes.
  • Despite receiving very positive feedback from current users, the application’s target market was not accurately defined and the project ultimately ran out of funding before it reached profitability.


| 1996 - 2013

A long way from ‘any-key-support’ to a valued professional. Some noticable achievements below:

  • Tourparade (2009-2013): Full-remote office ages before it became a mainstream, including remote workplaces (RDP) and remote telephony (Asterisk). Seamless comms for the company all over the world.
  • Tourparade (2012-2013): Leading the new web-site development as a project manager and a product owner. Made this web-site a perfect selling tool which helped increase sales and gain more profit at a great scale.
  • Karachaganak Petroleum (~2008): Full-scale BCP/DRP plan for in-house 300 servers and 2000 workplaces as a part of more complex plan for the whole company.



  • 2002-2015 · Several essays about IT and stuff at the
  • 2018-2020 · Some keynotes on local Tel Aviv DevOps-related meetings
  • 2018- · My own web-site with some tutorials for beginners how to do Devops things —


Books, Aviation, Sailing, Travelling

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